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Free Inspection Master

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Free Mobile Inspection Software: Inspection Master

Featuring: Productivity software for mobile inspections and assessment and ‘On-The-Fly’ reporting
Provided as / for FileMaker Cloud Computing on desktop, Mac, Windows PC, iPad and iPhone
Mobile Inspection App for use on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini.
Easily generate inspection and assessment reports and send pdf by email!
Easily generate inspection and assessment reports and send pdf by email!
Easily generate inspection and assessment reports and send pdf by email!
Upgrade to the multiuser system.
Easily generate inspection and assessment reports and send pdf by email!
Product Name:
Free Inspection Master

App Category:
Mobile Inspection App

a) Free for single user iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone version b) Please contact us for pricing on the multiuser Cloud version to connect multiple iPads, iPhones, Mac and PC desktop and laptop.

App Version:
Free Inspection Master: Single user for IOS devices such as iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch

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CRM - Client Relationship Management Software
Phone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini

Industries used in:
Compliance Management, Risk Management, Facility Management, Construction Industry, Hazard Inspections, Hotel Room Inspections, Health & Safety Inspections, Architects, Landscaping Architects, Building Maintenance, Insurance Assessors, Roofing inspectors, Roofing installers

Purpose of this app:
Free Mobile Inspection Software: Inspection Master

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Mobile Inspection App: Free Downloads for Mac & Windows PC

Inspection manager
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for Mac
and Windows
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Mobile Inspection App: Free Downloads for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Mobile Inspection on iPad Mini
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Downloads for iPad, iPod touch & iPhone here!

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Open this page from your iPad or iPhone to download!

About Inspection Master
Easily create mobile inspections / assessment reports with integrated reporting software.

Important: This app can be fully customized to your requirements.

Inspection Master comes in two versions:

1. Option 1 (Free). 
Simple Tablet App (as the demo app)

1.1 App version*: 
Single user, mobile, not connected to cloud server, runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

2. Option 2. 
Inspection System (Upgrade to Cloud Computing - Networked tablets and PC)

2.1 Cloud System version**: 
Multiuser, fully connected, works on on desktop / laptop via the Cloud, connected to iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch, Mac, Windows, desktop and laptop.

3. Add-ons for the Cloud System Version
3.1 DataSync.
In case you are working in areas without internet connections in remote areas, we offer an optional DataSync module to synchronize you data with your office system. Ask us about the DataSync module.

3.2 Customization
I-InspectAnything inspection software solutions are fully customizable to your requirements.

3.3 Add-on CRM
We are able to connect the I-InspectAnything inspection system to our professional Cloud based CRM - Customer Relationship Management Module. Click here for more information:

3.4 Add-on Estimations and Invoicing
With the optional estimations and invoicing module, you are able to create estimations and invoices ‘On-The-Fly’ and send them as pdf to your clients.

4. Cloud Computing Services:
We offer to deploy FileMaker Pro solutions on the Cloud, for you to access your data whenever you connected to the internet and usiing the benefit of mobile computing.


'Inspection Manager' as a single user version, download a free demo for FileMaker Go for iPad, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini.

Typical Inspection Types supported by Inspection Manager:

Commercial Building Inspection
Residential Building Inspection
Pre Purchase Inspection
House Inspection
Plumbing Inspections
Health & Safety Inspection
Security Assessment
Bridge Inspection
Rental Inspection
Leakage Inspection
Electrical Inspection
Meth Detection Inspection
Construction Progress Inspection
Landscape Inspection
Forrest Inspection
Arbor Tree Inspection
Production Inline Inspection
Quality Asssurance Inspection
Boat Inspection
Vehicle Inspection
Road Inspection
Fire Safety Inspection
Food Safety Inspetion
Room Inspection
Goods Receipt Inspection
Audit Inspection
Inspection During Production
Stock Taking & Inventory

Optional Features:
Web browser based access to your data with FileMaker Web Direct
FileMaker Web Direct allows you to edit and access your data through the web directly. We are happy to discuss this option with you if you need to access this FileMaker solution through the web browser. With this FileMaker bespoke solution, you are able to use browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Android, to access / edit your data remotely. FileMaker Web Direct hosting requires a dedicated FileMaker Server 13 Setup.

- Inspection Manager software
- Inspection and assement runs on tablets, IOS iPad and iPhone
- Integrated reporting software
- Single user on iPad tablet and iPhone
- upgradable to Multiuser via FileMaker Cloud Computing
- Mobile Inspection Data Collection
- Reporting - 'On The Fly'
- Easy upgradable to FileMaker Cloud Computing
- Very high productivity gain
- upgradabl to project database and CRM - Client Relationship Management and Document Management
- Upload to FileMaker Server
- High ROI

System Requirements

1. Single user: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
2. upgradable to Multiuser: Cloud Services, Mac and Windows, connected iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Technical requirements*

FileMaker Go 13 on IOS 7
IOS devices such as iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch

Platform FileMaker Pro: Free from
FileMaker Go 13

For iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
Free FileMaker GO Applications: download from
Free FileMaker Go for iPhone
Free FileMaker Go for iPad and iPad 2
Free FileMaker Go for iPod Touch

*Must fit minimum requirements as to FileMaker Go 13 as per FileMaker web site or when upgrade to Cloud Computing: FileMaker 13 for FileMaker 13 features.

New FileMaker feature:
Web Direct (Upgrade to FileMaker Cloud Computing)
Easily and quickly deploy a solution to anyone with a compatible web browser without using web authoring tools or other technologies
Access data from most devices, whether from a home office or while traveling
Import or export records and container data
Deploy a custom web application by hiding and locking the menu bar and status toolbar
FileMaker WebDirect on Cloud Computing requires a Dedicate Server Setup

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